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Can an artificial intelligence be unreasonable?

Mumsnet’s Am I being unreasonable? forum is famous for the hilarious, disturbing and hilariously disturbing topics discussed. I wondered, what would happen if I used it to train a neural network?

Machine learning Project

Being productive on iOS part 1: the best writing apps

Focusing on the best writing apps, this is the first in a series exploring the best tools to get stuff done using iOS.

Best of Productivity

The six best product management books

Product management is an evolving field. These are books I've found useful as a product manager and I hope you will too.

Product management Reading list

Version control for Sketch in 2018 – Plant, Abstract and Kactus reviewed

Developers have used version control systems like Git for years. Lots of people can collaborate on a project, everyone has access to the latest version and mistakes can be rolled back. So why can't we use them for design?

Design Sketch Version Control