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City Roads – Draw all roads in a city at once. – 12 June 2021

The Impossible Checkbox – Sheer genius – 14 May 2021

Project Awesome – Curated list of awesome lists – 5 May 2021

The Endless Acid Banger – Very listenable automatic algorithmic acid. – 20 April 2021

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The best content management systems for static sites – updated

20 January 2021

Static sites have been around since the dawn of the web, but thanks to the rise of static site generators like Jekyll and Hugo they're undergoing a bit of a renaissance.

Web development Reviews

Book review – Indistractable by Nir Eyal

12 January 2021

How to control your attention and reduce distraction, from the author of ‘Hooked’, a manual for designing addictive products.

Book review Productivity

The best places to find high-resolution public domain art and illustration

14 December 2020

Finding public domain images at a good enough resolution to print can be challenging, but here’s a list of the best places to source high-quality art and illustration.

Open culture Public domain

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UX Lift

UX Lift

Self-initiated Web development Jekyll

The Dove & The Seagull

The Dove & The Seagull

Self-initiated E-commerce

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Synthetic Botany

Synthetic Botany

Self-initiated Art Machine Learning StyleGAN

Shapes Lines Colours – CMY motion

Shapes Lines Colours – CMY motion

Self-initiated Art

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