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Homesick sounds – Back in the office and missing WFH? Play the sounds of home, from crying babies to woofing dogs. – 28 November 2021

First order motion for image animation – AI model that can animate a static image from a video. Try the Colab demo for some seriously cursed results. – 10 November 2021

Ask Delphi – AI agony aunt for your moral quandaries. NOTE: Not entirely reliable. – 2 November 2021

DOOM rendered entirely in checkboxes – Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. – 25 October 2021

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Training StyleGAN2 ADA with a custom dataset

17 December 2021

An quick guide to StyleGAN and how to train it to generate your own images.

Machine learning Guide

The best content management systems for static sites – updated

20 January 2021

Static sites have been around since the dawn of the web, but thanks to the rise of static site generators like Jekyll and Hugo they're undergoing a bit of a renaissance.

Web development Reviews

Book review – Indistractable by Nir Eyal

12 January 2021

How to control your attention and reduce distraction, from the author of ‘Hooked’, a manual for designing addictive products.

Book review Productivity

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UX Lift

UX Lift

Self-initiated Web development Jekyll

The Dove & The Seagull

The Dove & The Seagull

Self-initiated E-commerce

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Synthetic Botany

Synthetic Botany

Self-initiated Art Machine Learning VQGAN

Shapes Lines Colours – CMY motion

Shapes Lines Colours – CMY motion

Self-initiated Art

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