The Illustration Gallery branding and publications

An online gallery dedicated to contemporary illustration.

1 September 2011

Branding Design


Founded in 2007 by Oliver Jelf, The Illustration Gallery was one of the only galleries in the UK to focus on contemporary illustration. Over the next four years it exhibited the work of some of the world's leading illustrators, including Tom Gauld, Rob Ryan, Yuko Shimizu, eBoy and Sam Weber.

Branding and identity

The brief was to create a striking, instantly recognisable brand, with a similar quality and feel as a national contemporary art gallery, such as the Barbican or Tate Modern. The goal was to be contemporary but not trendy, so that it wouldn't quickly date or become obsolete.

As an additional constraint, the brand needed to work well with any style of artwork, both modern or classical, without overshadowing or clashing with it.

โ†‘ A few ideas for the logo, some better than others.

After many ideas and revisions, I developed a logo that would be placed full bleed at the top-right corner of the page, with a strong angle to add interest and signify playfulness. The logo works well by itself, but when placed over an artwork becomes like a label or endorsement mark.

I chose red and black as a colour scheme as it's simple, eyecatching, references classic modernist design and won't detract from any artwork that it might be pared with.

โ†‘ The Illustration Gallery logo and visual identity.


I also designed many different exhibition flyers and brochures, posters, signage and more. As before, I was careful to keep the design simple to ensure the focus remained on the artwork.

โ†‘ A few exhibition flyers and brochures.