Fellowship Afloat

Based on a lightvessel moored off the Essex coast, Fellowship Afloat is an outdoor activity centre like no other.

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Fellowship Afloat has been offering outdoor adventures to people of all ages for over 40 years, offering a wide range of activities including sailing, powerboating, canoeing, climbing, archery, and nature studies. However their fantastic location and great team of staff and volunteers are what really makes them special.

The challenge

Built back when 56k modems ruled, FACT’s website had served them well but was showing its age.

Fellowship Afloat needed a site which communicated the fun and excitement of being at the centre, could be easily content managed, worked well on mobiles, and provided a modern base to add further functionality.

The solution

Over the course of a year I worked closely with Fellowship Afloat’s staff and trustees to design and build their new site. They have a few quite different audiences, so the site structure needed to work well for each, while still giving a good overview of who Fellowship Afloat are and what makes them special.

The site also has booking functionality, so visitors can quickly sign up for sailing courses or away weeks. Phase two of development, kicking off later this year, will include setting up online payments and creating a members’ only area for staff and volunteers.