Publication designs for Attend, the national organisation for hospital and community volunteers.

1 August 2011


Attend is a membership body for volunteering organisations in hospitals and other health and social settings, with over 29,000 volunteers across the UK.

Between 2004 and 2011, I led the organisation's creative team, a mix of staff and volunteers, to manage the organisation's brand, produce publications and maintain the website.

โ†‘ Various publications, including textbooks and pamphlets. Illustrations by Mat Moran & Lizzie Curtis.

I was responsible for writing, editing and designing Attend's supporter magazines, annual reviews and information leaflets, as well as editing videos, organising events, including the organisation's diamond jubilee, and even designing the interiors of hospital shops.

โ†‘ Friends Connect, Attend's quarterly supporter magazine. Illustrations by Oliver Jelf, Mat Moran & Lizzie Curtis.

I also led a project that helped designers who had suffered brain injuries gain experience and return to work by providing design services to Attend's member charities, acting as an in-house design agency.

โ†‘ Annual reports and other publications. Illustrations by Mat Moran & Lizzie Curtis.