UX Lift

A curated collection of articles, resources, books and tools, with the goal of covering every aspect of the UX and design process.

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I launched UX Lift in 2017 as a way to organise the huge collection of UX and design links I’d built over the years.

As the site came together, I realised it could be useful to both to new and experienced designers. While there’s a lot of good resources out there, I hadn’t found anywhere that attempted to collect everything together in one place.

The site now contains many hundreds of links to articles, tools, books, resources, courses, publications and much more and I’m adding to it constantly.


In 2020 I launched a twice-monthly newsletter which contains basically whatever I’ve been reading in, found useful or discovered since the last edition, though I have a particular focus on the craft of UX design, accessibility and leadership.

I’m also fascinated by the cutting edge of machine learning and artificial intelligence, so there’s a lot of links to strange/wonderful/scary AI projects.

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Technical notes

UX Lift is built with Jekyll, stored in Github and hosted by Netlify. The fonts are Plex Sans and Gentium Basic.

I started with a static site generator as it was simple to set up and develop, but since then the site has grown to be very content heavy. If I’d known how big it would get I’d probably have started with something more dynamic – I’ve started migrations to both Wordpress and Statamic, but so far the time and effort needed to move hasn’t been worthwhile.

I’ve written a bunch of scripts that automate content generation and publishing, and combined with a static CMS like Forestry.io, Jekyll has proven to be remarkably powerful.

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