Synthetic botany

These plants probably don't exist.

21 December 2021


Synthetic Botany is a StyleGAN model I made that creates new illustrations of plants in the style of acclaimed artists and explorers like Pierre Joseph Redouté and Mary Vaux Walcott.

Trained on over 2700 real illustrations, the model is able to generate a near-infinite number of previously undiscovered species.

↑ Interpolation video generated with StyleGAN3.

In 2022 I was commissioned by Clay Bavor to create an hour-long video to be displayed in a digital picture frame, cycling imperceptably between plants so that it always showed something different without obvious movement.

A photo of the digital picture frame and video

Which is real and which is digital? Photo by Clay Bavor.

↑ Just a few plants that don't actually exist.

↑ Circular interpolation generated with Flesh Digressions/StyleGAN2.