Unreal birds

These birds don't exist, just like any other.

27 November 2022


This is an image generation model that creates previously undiscovered bird species paired with a text generation model that creates new bird names.

I created the images by training StyleGAN2-ADA on over 1000 bird illustrations from the 18th and 19th century. I had to edit every image by hand, removing backgrounds and fixing alignment issues so that the generated images were consistent. To create the names I finetuned GPT2 on the complete Wikipedia list of bird names.

↑ Interpolation video generated with StyleGAN 2.

↑ Singuan roller

↑ Wedge-tailed drongo

↑ Black-thighed tanager

↑ Rusty-fronted foliage-gleaner

↑ Many-colored woodpecker

↑ Southern deezer

↑ Torrent duck

↑ Thick-billed gnatcatcher

↑ Neblina stipplethroat

↑ Stoical wedge-billed malkoha

↑ Suffle-necked siskin

↑ Martian catbird