Creating a curated marketplace for contemporary illustration.

Web development Design Self-initiated


Illustrators was a curated multi-vendor marketplace for illustrators to promote and sell their artwork. Artists received orders directly from customers and shipped out the artwork themselves. Launched in 2012, it was joint project between and Oliver Jelf and myself.

↑ homepage.

We featured over 30 artists, both up-and-coming and well established, including Tom Gauld, Tony Meeuwissen, Martin Grover, Laura Huges and Marcus Walters.

While I had to close Illustrators in 2018 due to work and family pressures, it was an enormously fun project: it kicked off a new career in user experience and web development, I met loads of interesting people and had the chance to stage an exhibition in a major national gallery.

↑ Customisable business cards.

Technical notes

I built Illustrators with Drupal 7, Ubercart Marketplace and Stripe. This was the first project I’d built of this scale and complexity - a head-first dive into Drupal, front-end development and e-commerce.

↑ Early wireframes showing page hierarchy and content blocks.

↑ Selection of key pages throughout the site.