Resilient Management by Laura Hogan

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Set the task of the team - put it across with enthusiasm and remind people of it often.

Be decisive and fair - be prepared to take tough decisions and be, and be seen to be, fair.

Plan the work, check its progress, design jobs and arrange work to encourage the commitment of individuals and the team.

Set individual targets after consulting, discuss with each person regularly, and appraise at least once a year.

Delegate decision-making to individuals - if not, consult with those affected before you decide.

Communicate the importance of each person’s job, provide support and explain decisions to help people apply them, and brief the team together monthly on progress, policy, people and points for action.

Train and develop all team members, practise equal opportunities, gain support for the rules and procedures, set an example, and discipline those who break them.

Serve people in the team and care for their well-being and safety, work alongside people, deal with grievances promptly, and attend social functions.

Monitor action, learn from successes and mistakes, regularly walk round each person’s place of work, observe, listen and praise.

Be an inspiration to your team - lead by example and motivate your team to be the best they can be.