Creating a curated marketplace for contemporary illustration.

Web development Design Personal project

Launched in 2012, Illustrators was a curated marketplace for illustrators to promote and sell their artwork. The second Illustration Gallery project, it had a similar business model to sites such as Etsy, where artists received orders directly from the customer and shipped out the artwork themselves. We would then take a commission on each sale.

We featured over 30 artists, both up-and-coming and well established, including Tom Gauld, Tony Meeuwissen, Martin Grover, Laura Huges and Marcus Walters.

Although I had to close Illustrators in 2018 due to work and family pressures, it was an enormously fun project: it kicked off a new career in user experience and web development, I met loads of interesting people and had the chance to stage an exhibition in a major national gallery.

Technical notes

I built Illustrators with Drupal 7, Ubercart Marketplace and Stripe. This was the first project I’d built of this scale and complexity; a head-first dive into Drupal, front-end development and e-commerce.