I co-founded Illustrators in 2011, with the aim of helping raise the profile of contemporary illustration (which whilst widely admired is not collected or supported in the same way as other artforms) and also providing a platform for illustrators to sell their original works and prints from. It also enables the public to learn more about the inspiration and talent behind a particular illustration and to purchase the original illustration from a favourite newspaper, magazine or book.

The Challenge

At the time of our launch there were very few websites which promoted the work of illustrators and many illustrators found it difficult and time consuming to promote and sell their work. Websites that did exist tended to be difficult to use and badly organised and unappealing.


We created a website with illustration at it’s very heart. It is easy for even the most non-technical illustrator to use, and it is curated and then presented in a way which highlights the work and also introduces the illustrator behind the works.

From the very start we have had a warm reception from both the public and importantly from illlustrators all around the world, who have understood the vision behind the website and wanted to be involved. We have received amazing support from the illustration industry, which led to a successful exhibition at the Mall Galleries in 2013.

The website has changed and developed over time, in response to both the marketplace, advances in technology and of course the input of our artists, recently launching version three of the site.

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